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cherryasian4U Cherryasian4U is naked live on cam at! CherryAsian4U is one of many sexy Filipina cam models that you can find on She happens to be one of my favorites. Look at her hot little body. Even when she has clothes on you can tell she is just dynamite naked. What a tease! I was talking with her in free chat and she was shaking her fat ass to the music and I just couldn’t take it anymore I had to go into private chat so I could see her strip down out of those clothes and get naked for me. Once we got started she wasn’t shy about showing me her perky Asian tits and her tight Filipina pussy.  After a few minutes I had her on her knees fucking her pussy from behind with a dildo as I watched her butt bounce up and down. You can’t beat watching the look on a girl’s face as she orgasms for you, that is why I like live cam chat over traditional porn, the interaction. I can’t believe these hot little sluts are just waiting there for you to chat with them at AsianHookers. Make sure you check it out and you give CherryAsian4U a visit, she is definitely worth the time. Make sure you buy some credits first. This girl just drips sex and she will make you cum so hard…


07 2013

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CumCrazy699 CumCrazy699 shows off her tiny Asian pussy live on cam at AsianHookers.comThis is one cam model that definitely surpasses the rest. Look at this petite, toned body. I love how fit she is. Her tits are absolutely fucking perfect. I usually like big titties but her small breasts look so sexy when she is staring at you with those come fuck me eyes. Once you get this beautiful Asian girl nude your cock will straining at your shorts. Her ass is the best in porn hands down. I just imagine wrapping my hands around her tiny waist and slamming her up and down on my cock.  Then I’d pull my dick out and throat fuck her until she gagged. I took her into private chat and watched her stretch her little pussy and asshole for me with her dildo. She had a couple so I had her put one in her ass and while she slid the other in and out of her pussy, she came so fucking hard. I loved watching her orgasm it was so sexy. She writhed and moaned and the look on her face was so intense. Make sure you check this whore out at Don’t forget that is where you find the best live nude asian cam chat on the internet. One more time for you guys who need to be told twice. Make sure you pay CumCrazy699 a visit on Asianhookers!


07 2013

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MILKYBOOBSWET MILKYBOOBSWET shows her sexy Asian pussy at is the best place for live nude cam chat with sexy girls. MILKYBOOBSWET is a hot Fillipina who loves to be naughty. You can see her devious smile in this picture, she loves to tease! Look how she hangs her pink bra strap off her shoulder, makes you want to rip it off and ravage her right there on the floor. I’d love to fuck this beautiful Asian slut. I can only imagine how tight her little pussy would feel on my cock. After chatting with her in free live nude cam chat I decided to take her into private chat. She makes the hottest sounds when she is playing with her clean shaven pussy. I will always remember what she sounds like when she cums. She had been pounding her cunt with a toy dildo and playing with her clit for about 10 minutes when all of a sudden she came so hard. I could tell she was exhausted afterwards. You should check her out on AsianHookers! You won’t be sorry. All of the girls there put on great shows, I love to find the kinky ones who will do anal for you! So sexy to watch them fuck their ass!


06 2013

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Hot TightAnal Hot TightAnal is a wild anal loving slut on!Hot_TightAnal puts on a sexy free live cam show at She is one deliciously hot Filipina. I love the way she is looking back over her shoulder in the picture with her back arched towards you, ready to take a big cock in her ass. She knows how to work that tight Asian pussy to. I took her into private chat and she showed me things I’ve never seen before. She did this trick where she pulled her tits up and sucked her nipple while she played with her clit, it was fucking awesome. She is so fucking sexy. After she got warmed up she started to play with her ass for me on live cam. It was crazy how much she got into it, I could see her body shaking as she started to cum, I just wish I was there to fuck her in real life too. Make sure you check this one out, she is a kinky porn star on AsianHookers! Damn I keep looking at this picture just wanting to pull her ass cheeks apart and fuck her ass so hard… I think once you’ve seen her in action you will be hooked like me!


06 2013

Hottie_wild69 is a wild, sexy slut on!

hottie wild69  Hottie wild69 is a wild, sexy slut on!Hottie_wild69 is just as advertised, hot and wild on AsianHookers. Spend a few minutes in free live cam chat with this Filipina hooker and you’ll be buying credits for private chat in no time. She has a beautiful, angelic Asian face and a hot little body that just won’t quit. I love her thigh highs, those are my favorite. Of course they are a but torn, like a good whore should have them. She has creamy smooth skin and that makes you want to cum all over her and give her a pearl necklace if you know what I mean. She is such a fucking slut I’m sure she’d clean it up and lick it off her fingers. Once you get her top off you”ll see she has perfect perky tits and it you’ll want to lick her nipples until she begs you to quit. This gentlemen, is the hottest slut in the porn business. I’d fly to see her in real life if I could. I tried to tell her that she could be my girlfriend, and she didn’t have to be a live nude cam model anymore, but I don’t think she believed me. That, or she just really enjoys the work. Think about it, laying back, showing off her sexy body for adoring fans, playing with her tight pussy all day, what is not to love? Let’s show our appreciation by checking her out on!


06 2013

Naughtybabe01 shows off her perfect ass live on cam at!

Naughtybabe01 Naughtybabe01 shows off her perfect ass live on cam at!Naughtybabe01 is a hot little Filipina slut with a fat ass that won’t quit and she knows how to moved it live on cam at! I love the way she bends over doggy style, it is just perfect for hard fucking from behind. I’d really like to grab a handful of that long, dark hair and just pound the shit out of her hot shaved pussy. Then I’d grab her by the throat, choke her a little bit as I slid my cock into her tight asshole. Anal is the best, my favorite is watching the mixture of pain and pleasure on their face as you violate them. Afterwards I’d make her wrap those dick sucking lips around my cock and swallow my cum. Porn just doesn’t compare to watching these Asian whores perform live on their webcams. After I clicked private chat it was only moments before she had 2 fingers buried in her cunt and she was working her delicious nipples at the same time! What a talented model! I loved the way she got her fingers slippery with her pussy juice and used it to lube the asshole for me, so sexy! Make sure you check her out on!


06 2013

Cutestdoll will light up your night on!

cutestdoll Cutestdoll will light up your night on!This gorgeous Filipina slut is named Cutestdoll and she definitely is. Look at the way her back arches when she sticks her fat ass out, a thing of beauty. I’d love to bend her over, pull her slutty little thong aside and fuck her tight Asian pussy for all it was worth. She has a lot of energy and she puts on a great show on! Girls like this are why I prefer live nude cam shows to traditional porn. I get to direct this little whore to do whatever I please, she will act out any of my depraved fantasies for me live on cam! I enjoy watching her face as I tell her to do dirtier and sluttier things. I can see her hot pussy get wetter every time I push her limits. Last time I had her licking her fingers after she pulled them out of her pussy and I could tell she really enjoyed the way she tasted. I bet I would too. Then I had her put her dildo down flat on the ground and ride it cowboy for me so I could see every inch go in and out of her tight cunt. I wonder if she would meet me in real life. Check her out out on AsianHookers!


06 2013

A few words with Bianca, one of the sexiest Filipina cam models at Asian Hookers!

Bianca 300x225 A few words with Bianca, one of the sexiest Filipina cam models at Asian Hookers!

Ready for another Intimate Details feature? Today we will be interviewing the lascivious Bianca, another of the new Top Models at Once you get a peak at this enticing little whore you won’t be able to stop yourself from coming back for more. I warn you, this amazing Filipina cam model is addicting. She is an expert at cock teasing and will most definitely assure that you rise to the occasion. Once the private starts, the teasing ends and the slutty fun beings.  This sexy, fit model has fucking amazing tits and the hottest ass I have ever seen on a young Asian girl. Her passionate private chats are absolutely sensational. If you are anything like me, you will agree that these hot and wild sex cam chats are better than any other kind of porn. Lets take a few moments to get to know her a bit better.

Hi Bianca, I’m sure you know you are gorgeous, how did you get that body?

Bianca: Haha, thank you! The BEACH! I love to swim and nothing is better than spending a hot day in the cool water. I love the way it gives me goose bumps all over my body!

Wow that sounds so sexy. I bet all the guys stare at you the whole time. I know I would.

Bianca: Well sometimes yes, but it is my fault. Showing off my body gives me such a naughty thrill. I almost always wear a thong… Other times I try to find someplace private for me and my girlfriends to go skinny dipping! It feels so much better being in the ocean nude.

You and your girlfriends go skinny dipping? Am I invited?

Bianca: Sorry girls only! Plus that is when we have our “girl time”

Girl time? You mean you and your friends have skinny dipping lesbian orgies at the beach!?

Bianca: You made it sound so bad! I wouldn’t say orgies,  well… not all of the time. That really only happened once. Normally two or three girls will start kissing and touching… and it kind of goes from there. We like boys too… we just make each other feel good.

Have you ever been caught?

Bianca: Only once, by a police officer!

Oh no! Did you girls get in trouble?

Bianca: No no… not really… we were able to work something out. Lets just say that was the day we had the orgy icon biggrin A few words with Bianca, one of the sexiest Filipina cam models at Asian Hookers!

Wow, he got to watch you all of you ladies play together?

Bianca: No… he didn’t watch… he was in the middle!  I wouldn’t call it playing that day, more like hardcore fucking! It was really very sexy. Sometimes I think about it when I’m in my private chats playing with my pussy and ass. It turns me on sooo much!

I’m pretty sure that is the hottest thing I have ever heard. I think that about does it for today, but we will definitely have to revisit this story for details! I have to go take care of something that… came up ! Thank you for your time love.

Bianca: Naughty naughty support! Thank you for featuring me on Intimate Details! Remember to tell the boys to come chat with me at

There you have it guys, she is waiting for you!



Come get a taste of HotCandy69 at Asian Hookers!

HotCandy69 300x225 Come get a taste of HotCandy69 at Asian Hookers!

HotCandy69 is a mouthwatering Top model on Asian Hookers, and it is easy to see why we picked her as our first feature model for our new Intimate Details blogs. The new blogs will feature short interviews to introduce models like HotCandy69 to newcomers to the site as well as our long time customers who may not have gotten a chance to check out this sexy Filipina’s top rated private performances!

Wow, you are gorgeous! How old are you miss?

HotCandy69: I just turned 21! 

21, how exciting. So young! You are beautiful. Do you enjoy being a cam model? I bet a sexy girl like you loves the attention.

HotCandy69: I love it! I was hesitant and shy at first… but the members are so nice to me. Plus it makes me feel very horny to be naughty in private.

Private chats are great. I love them when I’m in the mood for a nice long live chat with a naked model all to myself. But, I’m a big tipper too! Do you show off for tips?

HotCandy69: Tips can be a lot of fun! Sometimes the members will tip me to show my tits or ass to a full room of members and guests! I know it is bad, but it gets my pussy sopping wet!

That is fucking hot miss. What is the dirtiest thing you will do on cam?

HotCandy69: Hard question! A lot of my members have very specific tastes. I guess the dirtiest things I will do on cam depends on how dirty you tell me to be.

There you have it gentlemen, the perfect ending to our first Intimate Details blog on Asian Hookers.

Be sure to check out this sexy Asian cam whore on


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